Current Management Committee (2023 and 2024)
PresidentJohn Teo
Vice-PresidentEnrico Varella
Hon. SecretaryTan Jui Kuan
Asst SecretaryAlvin Terence
Hon. TreasurerVictor Heng
Asst TreasurerIan Tan
David Fillary
Carson Goh
Tommy Kian
Satish Kumar
PatronsMr Fernando Ng
Mr Desmond Peh
Mr Robert Kee
Auditors2023 –
Kogi Oberoi / Curtis Choy
2024 –
Priscilla Thong / Ng Yeow Chong
Honorary MembersLim Hap Hin (deceased)
Lewis Jones (UK) (deceased)
Yein Pah Yuen (deceased)
Tan Choon Tee (deceased)
William Gwee
Tang Sai Thong
Ng Kee Chee
Jerry Lee
Gician Tan
Ng Bo Oen (The Great Wong) (deceased)
Tan Ewee Chee (deceased)
Lim Hap Hin (deceased)
Michael Lim (deceased)
Tan Choon Tee (deceased)
Dr Ly Lai (deceased)
President, JOHN TEO has been a member of IBM since 1981.He was conferred the Order of Merlin having been in the organization for at least 25 continuous years. John is presently a free-lance trainer and consultant. He performs all types of magic, from children shows to gospel magic to trade and corporate shows. He enjoys applying the principles of magic to all types of events and circumstances. His favourite category of magic is mentalism.
Enrico Varella is Vice-President of IBM Ring 115. A Corporate Trainer and Leadership Consultant, he has worked and performed magic in 20 countries. He has is a Student and historian of the Magical Arts for about 30 years, and has been published for his creations, books, and essays in magic. His specialty is Close-Up Magic and Mentalism. An IBM Order of Merlin recepient, he is also a serial marathoner and Ironman triathlete, who has completed 24 Ironman triathlons, and has finished the Boston Marathon thrice.
Tan Jui Kuan aka JK Tan joined IBM Ring115 in 2005. He is a retired Microelectronics Engineering lecturer. He uses magic to illustrate engineering concepts during his lectures. He actively promotes engineering through his Magic of Science show. He made many of the magic pops for the show. He specialises in science and children’s magic. His favorite routines include Newater production and straw-through-potato.

Assistant Secretary, ALVIN TERENCE, has been a member of IBM Ring 115 since 2008. In 2009 after a month of joining IBM Ring 115, Alvin Terence was nominated as a committee member. In 2012, Alvin Terence joined the IBM Ring 115 Editorial Team and spearheaded the team to produced a monthly e-newsletter for IBM Ring 115 members. Alvin Terence also managed to rub shoulders and interviewed some of the most prolific magicians around: Luca Volpe, Fukai, Tim Ellis, Dee Christopher and more!
During the day outside of the magic fraternity, Alvin Terence, is a director of a marine consultancy firm and during the night, Alvin Terence, pursues his love for magic as a Psychological Illusionist (Mind Magician). Alvin Terence has been awarded IBM Ring 115 Active Member Award for 3 consecutive years and has made numerous appearances on press media such as The NewPaper and several mainstream commercials.
Alvin Terence enjoys serving the members of IBM Ring 115 and putting a smile on every individual with a touch of magic.

Click here for more magical insights on Alvin Terence.
Kim’s interest is in creating new ideas through magic and collaboration learning. His favourite catagory of magic is mentalism, and some of his favourite routines include the magic square, instant Kubick, Tic Tac Toe, and some ropes routines. He is currently the Honorary Treasurer of IBM Ring 115.
KENNETH CHIA is our tireless member who manages our memberships (including defaulting members), qualifying tests, charity events, and driving our lecturers around Singapore if need be. He is a Properties Supervisor. His favorite pastime is to spendtime with family over weekend. He also performs children magic, whenever possible.
Tommy is one of the top 5 close up magicians in Singapore. His burning passion started when he was 15
years old, when his peer was able to read his mind and tell him what card he thought of. With the determination to pursue the art of magic, Tommy has spent countless
of hours perfecting his craft and performing around Singapore for various audiences, mesmerising
youngsters and elders altogether.

Tommy specialises in Close up Magic, otherwise known as Street Magic or Roving Magic. He brings miracles up-close and personal to the audience.

Tommy was a Finalist for Singapore Biggest Close Up Magic Competition 2008 although he only was 16 years old. That motivated him to practice harder and come back until in 2012 he won all the competitions, making him one of the best winning award Magicians in Singapore.

With his achievements, Tommy was featured in Television Programs such as “Asia got Talent” and even Channel U variety show “Let’s Talk 3”. He was invited to perform in Brunei in 2011. He holds contracts with many restaurants in Singapore: Swissotel The Stamford, Equinox among
David Fillary
Carson Goh
Satish Kumar