The International Brotherhood of Magicians, Singapore Ring 115, was formed in December, 1950.  Presently, we have more than 90 members who come from all walks of life: from doctor, engineers, businessmen to magic dealers and students.  The members meet once a month (every 15th of the month) to discuss magic techniques, exchange ideas and share the latest effects in magic.

Over the years, Singapore Ring 115 has been active in organising magic activities for her members and the general public.  These activities include monthly meetings, public shows, competitions, visits to magic Ring of neighbouring countries, attendance at major magic conventions overseas, fund raisings for charitable organisations, lectures/talks by visiting magicians, magic auctions, annual dinners, and including our very own one-day mini magic convention in 2010.

In 1995, our Ring 115 was awarded the status of a “Quality Ring” in the Ring Quality Recognition Programme by the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Board of Trustees, USA.  The Award was given in recognition of our Ring’s extensive and varied programmes.  At that time, we were the 6th Ring, and also the first Ring outside of America and Canada, to be accorded this Award.  This achievement not only brought great credit to our Ring, our members, and the art of Magic, it also put Singapore prominently on the map of the international magic scene.

Presently, the International Brotherhood of Magicians has more than 350 affiliates, each like the Singapore Ring 115, spread all over the world.  The International Head Office is located in St. Charles, Missouri, USA.  Each year, a major convention is organised in which magicians from all over the world gather at a prominent city to display their skills and share in the art of magic.  Members of Singapore Ring 115 had attended the magic convention held in Hawaii in 1983.  We also attended the major FISM magic convention held in Beijing, China in 2009, and the many AMA conventions organized at the various Asian countries.

When foreign magicians visit Singapore, either on business or vacation, they will make contact with Ring 115.  It has traditionally been the custom of Ring 115 to host get-together sessions with these visiting magicians.  Over the years, famous magicians like Andre Kole, Michael Ammar, The Pendragon, Lennart Green, etc, had stepped on our shores and met up with our members.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians is truly the international passport to friendship in magic!


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