Please download any of the 2 forms:


Please read the following to understand our membership structure.

Types of Membership

Associate Membership
Applicant must be at least 18 years old and interested in magic at least o­ne year previously.

Junior Membership
Applicant must be at least 12 and under 18 years old and interested in magic at least o­ne year previously

Ordinary Membership
Applicant MUST become an Associate or Junior Member before qualifying to be an Ordinary Member. However, applicant who is a member of any magic organization or has shown magical ability, and subject to the opinion of the Management Committee, may apply to be an Ordinary Member. As a full member, applicant must thereafter join HQ IBM as an International Member.

Induction Test

Before an Associate Member can be accepted to be an Ordinary Member, he is required to take and pass an induction test, preferably within a one year time frame.

He is to put up a short performance of 8 to 10 minutes duration. He can perform any type of tricks, from close-up to parlour to mentalism to children’s magic. He is to dress accordingly and put up a professional performance. He is to perform as though it is a paid show. · There will be a panel of judges comprising 3 to 5 of our Committee Members. He is to inform any of our Committee Members in advance of the month he will be taking the induction test so that we can get the panel of judges to be ready. · Judging will be based o­n the following criteria:

o 40 points for Presentation (entertainment value, control and handling of spectators)
o 30 points for General Conjuring Skill (sleight and/or handling of props, innovation, modification of climax/handling of original effect)
o 20 points for Routining (arrangement and cohesion of effects)
o 10 points for Appearance (dressing and mannerism)

He will need to score at least 60 points out of 100 for him to qualify for Ordinary membership


If you wish to take a look at how we conduct our regular monthly meetings, send a mail to to find out if you can attend our next meeting to avoid disappointment.  Some of our meetings are strictly for members only.  You will be charged SGD $20 for the meeting, and can then decide if you wish to join us on a long term basis.

If you have already decided to join us as an Associate Member, please also send a mail to before you turn up for our meeting, You can do any of the following:


1.  If you have Microsoft Word (2010 and above preferred),  please download and complete the IBM Ring 115 Membership Application form with your digital passport size photo.  You should print out the completed form, and bring it along to our regular meeting with the payment for processing.

2.  You can also download our alternate PDF version of IBM Ring 115 Application Form, print it out, complete it and bring the form, complete with a passport size photograph of yourself to our next regular meeting and submit the form to any of our committee members.

Please note that any incomplete forms will not be accepted.

You can also mail the cheque to the following address:

I.B.M. Singapore Ring 115
c/o 10M Braddell Hill
Singapore 579731

Note that the following charges apply.

Breakdown of Fees (updated 15 Jan 2009):
First Time Registration Fees (One time o­nly): SGD $50
Associate Membership: SGD $120/year (reviewed on yearly basis)
Ordinary Membership: SGD $120/year
Junior Membership: SGD $90/year
Senior Citizen (60 years old and above): SGD $90/year