This DVD contains variation effects on the cards across plot.

The main effect Akross uses 2 gimmick cards that can be made by yourself or bought from a magic shop. You’ll need a no brainer set-up. The effect looks impressive and it is not difficult to do. The selected signed card from a red back deck travels to another deck (blue back) invisibly. You can even do this effect with multiple selections.

Krossed up: A variation of Akross which makes 2 cards to transpose.

Singularity: Described as a “thought” of card to travel from 1 half of the deck to the other. I find this description misleading as this is obviously not a “thought” of card. The card is chosen via a method that is a variation of the riffle force. The good thing about this force is it actually looks nice and convincing.

Duality: This is a packet trick type of effect that magically causes 2 cards to change places. Not quite easy but looks very visual and magical.

In the DVD, Sean Field keeps talking about how strong these effects are and he keeps repeating “This kills”. This kinda turns me off after awhile. But having said that, the effect in this DVD is good.  Receommended for intermediate level magicians.

Rating 4/5


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