Remember the age-calculator? This is similar but different, ironic? Maybe, but what I can tell you is that this is a very clever way of presenting a balloon animal. Usually ladies and kids like balloons. When you twist something for them, most of the time, they’ll go “ooh, aahhh….”. If you combine it with this effect, they’ll probably like you more.

What you get in this package are 4 balloon menu-cards and instructions. The cards itself have printed pictures of the balloon sculptures. They are cleverly arranged in a way where you are able to know what your spectator have chosen (design as well as the color of the sculpture). There is a minimal memory work here but they are very simple.

The included instructions are very clear. You will be taught how to perform this effect for different people (as in men, women and kids). However, if you do not know how to twist a balloon, you’d need to find how to do it as the instructions will not teach you how to twist. But he does recommend what books to get or where to find online in order to learn how to twist. You can of course perform this without twisting a balloon.

Recommended for balloon twisters and even restaurant workers, maybe amateurs, professionals, actually it’s for everyone. The only difficult part in performing this is to twist the balloon. If you know how to twist, then there are no difficult parts at all.

Rating 4/5


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