This is a collection of rubber band routine by Russell Leeds. Some of the plots are not new but some techniques are new. Most of the routines are based on coin routines such as visible coins across, coins thru Table, coins to purse etc.

The routines are well thought out and they flow smoothly. . If you think you know crazy man’s handcuff, wait till you see his full routine base on the same sleight. Russell Leeds makes the routines interesting by using coins, pens and even rubber balls to his routines. Some routines uses the same sleights and once you learnt these sleights, you can adapt them to other routines. Some moves look very simple but when you do it, it isn’t as easy as it looks. However, this is not a problem as everything is explained clearly. Watch the DVD with rubber bands nearby and you’d not have problems learning them. This DVD plays about 2 hours long. There are plenty of routines for you to choose from. I’m pretty sure you’d find one (or even more) that is suitable for you.

This is a good DVD on rubber band magic, it is suitable for all levels with plenty of materials.

Recommended. 4/5


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