This is no dialogue in this DVD, just a choice of German or English subtitles. You’ll learn how to alter the Sharpie writings on a coin magically. This is a very novel idea which I’m sure you’ll have plenty of fun performing.

There is only 1 method used but you can use the same method for many other variations.  An example of the effect : Jumbled letters written on the coin magically arrange themselves to form a word with just a magical wave.

There is an easy set-up which requires a gimmick. Most of us will probably have this at home. A single preparation will probably last you a few performances. Set-up takes less than 2 mins. You can do this on any coins as long as the gimmick matches. The more common coins for this effect are silver/ metal (non-brass/ copper) coins.

Nice effect. Recommended 4/5


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