Rubber bands in the form of animals are relatively new.  Because of this, they can be used as a climax to rubber bands magic.

Trust the creative Liam Montier to come up with tricks and ideas using these cute animal rubber bands.  The instructions are in the form of an 8-pages center-stapled booklet.  You also receive 12 beautiful animal rubber bands of different colours.

In “Animal Farm”, Liam has various animals and different colours written on the backs of his business cards.  A spectator chooses 2 cards, say, elephant and blue.  The rubber band that encircles the business cards is taken off and found to be in the shape of the chosen animal, and it is also of the selected colour.

An obvious use is in conjunction with “Grey Elephant In Denmark” trick.  If your elephant rubber band is not grey, then do not include the colour in the trick.  The rubber band that wraps around the prediction (Denmark) is taken off and found to be in the shape of the predicted animal (elephant).  Liam has a variation that does not resort to using mathematics to arrive at the country and animal.

Because of the animal shapes, the animal rubber bands can be used with balloon modeling theme.  Liam provides 2 creative ideas for modeling rubber bands!  Finally, Liam discusses how you can incorporate these rubber bands in your own rubber band magic.

The tricks and ideas presented here are not meant to be exhaustive.  They are meant to encourage you to come out with your own effects with these novel animal rubber bands.  (4/5 stars rating)

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