This DVD teaches you how to do the Muscle Pass properly and this is the only authorized DVD that teaches John Cornelius’ “Coin that Falls Up” and “Coin Through Window”.

I first learn to Muscle Pass from Mike Ammar’s classic renditions on the floating bill. It was on VHS at that time. It took me a while (and lots of pain) to make the coin jump up.

When I was viewed David Kong’s DVD, I thought to myself, “How can this young chap teach this tough move?” I was wrong. David has plenty to offer. The DVD is about 70 minutes long and the actual teaching of the Muscle Pass is about 7 minutes only. The rest are filled with routines and tips. Though some of the routines are variations, it is still worthy of learning it.

The effects ranges from simple (that is when you have mastered the Muscle Pass) to difficult. This guy can Muscle Pass with both hands and even with 2 coins in each hand! There are some really useful applications that can elevate your coin magic.

If you always wanted to learn the Muscle Pass and its applications, do not hesitate to get this DVD.

Recommended 4/5


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