When I first saw this performed, I was like “Wow! That’s some crazy stuff.” After  watching the DVD, its still wowed me. The effect is shocking and it looks really convincing. This is the type of effect that will make people talk about for a long time.

There are 2 methods taught in the DVD. The first and main method allows you to perform only once each time you set-up. This method looks convincing and shocking. The other method allows you to perform as and when you want as long as you make the gimmick in advance. You can make several gimmicks to stand by which makes this method suitable for walk around performance.

Besides this effect, the Gypsy Thread is also taught here. This effect may not be new, but Wyane Houchin does a great job in teaching this effect. Gypsy Thread is a very nice effect and can be performed surrounded. It’s easy to do but you need to prepare the set-up each time you performed.

Overall, I think this is a very nice DVD but I have to warn you that performing it using the Geek method may cause harm in the long run. I’d probably do this for VIPs using the Geek method and use the sleight method for other performance.

Recommended 4/5.


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