Essentially, this is pencil writing without resorting to a leaded secret device such as swami, boon or nail writer.  There is a “gimmick” involved, and although the principle is quite unique, other similar methods have been used previously, but they are now no longer readily available.

There are a couple of ways to use “Unleaded”.  You can use it for secret writing but without resorting to a writing device such as nail writer.  This will result in a mental effect, eg a prediction.  You can use a borrowed item such as a hair pin or toothpick and use it to visibly write in lead as though you are using a pencil.  This will result in a magical effect, eg using a non-leaded object to write a message in lead.

Devin Knight combines both effects and comes out with an interesting spirit-writing trick which he calls “Led By The Spirit”.  A playing card is selected.  A sheet of paper is torn off from a small writing pad.  A spectator uses a pencil and writes her signature on a corner of the paper.  Spectator chooses a toothpick and the performer uses this toothpick to visibly write the name of the selected card.  The writing appears in the same pencil lead as the signature of the spectator.  When the selected card is turned over, it matches the written prediction.  Devin dresses up the presentation by calling upon the spirit of Elvis to help him divine the name of the selected card.  This provides some hilarious moments in the routine, which leads to an equally humorous revelation of the selected card.  Devin also designs a subtlety where the spectator takes the same toothpick and uses it to write on the piece of paper, but no visible writing results.

Txema Gico discovers the principles of “Unleaded”.  He provides 2 routines that he uses in his own performances.  You are provided with the pad of paper, a couple of sample toothpicks, and comprehensive printed instructions.  (4.5/5 stars rating)


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