Wi is a manuscript printed on single sides of a 13 pages A4 size paper on.If you have seen the demo, you’d probably agree that it’s a waste of time viewing it.

With this principle, you can do mental effects included in the manuscript. All the effects require the use of a mobile phone. They are not difficult to do.

One of the effect “The Restaurant” is a prediction effect. The performer writes a phone number on a piece of paper and folds it up. The spectator will hold that piece of paper without looking at it. The performer than ask what cuisine the spectator feel like eating. When they say Chinese food, the spectator will unfold the paper and dials the number written on the paper. The call will be put thru to a Chinese restaurant. This will work with any cuisine they choose, provided the performer has already made the proper preparations.

The effects are not bad but at US$25, I’d expect the manuscript to be printed as a booklet rather than on a stapled stack of papers.

Rating 3/5


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