The effects taught in this volume are

  • Stickman Sebastian – A Card Transposition effect
  • Hof Slap –  Variation of Hofzinser’s classic Ace Problem
  • Worry Dolls – 3 miniature dolls vanish in a closed fist but to appear in a box which they came from initially. Dolls look eerie enough to generate interest in spectators.
  • Lollipop – A lollipop is pulled out from the stick and is restored. An additional idea is taught as well whereby the lollipop will move by itself.
  • OOTW-999 – Based on Karl Fulves “Even-money Proposition”. This is a Paul Curry’s “Out of this world” effect without the use of a full deck. The set up is easy and it has a special ending 
  • Visual Voodoo – An interesting effect whereby a spectator will choose one stickman from a group drawn on a business card. The chosen stickman vanishes from the card and the card can be given away.
  • Triumph Twist – A triumph effect
  • Cheater – Card changes places with other cards in the sleeve.
  • Psy-Kik – A spectator writes a number/ initial and an ESP shape on a post it pad. The performer is able to divine the results.
  • Coin-Corde – A Chinese coin magically links on and off a cord. Some sleights is involved.
  • Withdrawal – Effect using an ATM balance slip. Abill appears in a folded ATM slip. Nice and interesting effect which is easy to do.
  • Psychic Pickpocket – An impromptu effect whereby a selected card is “Pickpocket” from a deck in the box.

The DVD has various interesting materials to suit anyone. Explanations are short and clear. 3.5/5 


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