Mojoe is the latest close-up effect released by John Kennedy.

Comes with: Gimmick and a teaching DVD

The Effect: The magician sips a full cup of hot steaming coffee. T hen in full view, he covers the cup with his hands. The cup is overturned, and to everyone’s astonishment, his hand is not burnt… then they realised that the coffee is gone too.

Review: There are various handlings and versions of this effect taught in the DVD. These alternative versions of the effect, which are just as easy to perform, are much stronger than the effect John Kennedy chose to show in his promotional video clip. This is because the alternative handlings allow the magician to hand out the cup out for examination.


For example, one of the variations taught in the DVD allows the magician to cover the top of the cup with a serviette, wave his hands a few times over it, and then remove the napkin to show that the cup is now empty.


Another variation allows the magician to cover the cup with a serviette, wave a few times, and show that the coffee has transformed into a cup full of coffee beans. Yet another variation allows you to place the coffee cup into a paper bag, seal the bag, and then proceed to overturn and crush the bag. Both the bag and the cup can be handled out for examination.


Typical of most of John Kennedy effects, Mojoe is expensive; but it is also a great effect to perform in close-up situations or when you are hanging out at Coffee Bean with a friend.


It can be performed using other liquids besides Coffee such as Coke, Milk, etc. There is a quick set-up for the effect.


Mojoe is relatively easy to perform and works with both paper coffee-cups and some ceramic mugs. There is no switching of cups whatsoever, and neither are there any messy plastic bags or tubes. You can even sip on the coffee before making it disappear. No refills are needed for Mojoe.

The teaching on the DVD is clear, concise and easy to follow.




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