This is a wonderful adaptation of Kenton Knepper’s “Kolossal Killer” effect. In this presentation, it makes more sense to use the “letter” as the out.

The performer tells how he got started out in magic. He relates the story of his uncle who played his last game of poker where he put all his money into it. He was waiting for one card to complete his poker hand to take in the winnings. A spectator is asked to simply name any card in the deck. The performer takes out an old photograph from his wallet. It shows his uncle with the “last card” he was waiting to complete his poker hand. This last card turns out not to be the same card that the spectator names. However, there is an accompanying letter. It was a letter written to his wife asking for her forgiveness because he had lost all their money as the last card he got was of the same colour and suit as the card named by the spectator, but the wrong value. The letter also stated what this value should be! Imagine this – any card named by the spectator is predicted correctly by the photograph and the letter!

This effect has an eerie yet emotional impact. It is packed small – carried in a wallet – but plays very big. The effect is explained by Peter Nardi in a DVD. Peter also describes other variations, tips and ideas. The DVD comes with all the necessary cards (“photographs”) and the special “letter”. Peter also explains a bonus pack of heirloom cards (separate purchase) that can be used with an ESP deck, or other popular magician’s decks. He also mentions a special heirloom wallet (separate purchase) that can simplify and enhance the handling of the heirloom trick. Just to be sure – you do not need the special bonus pack and the wallet to perform this version of heirloom.
Rating 5/5