Andrew Mayne is a creative magician. He takes existing magical principles and tweak them so that he can find new applications for them. The result is new effects. In this DVD, he presents 7 illusions. The objectives are: they are inexpensive and easy to build.

In “Minimoto”, a mini-motorcycle makes an instant appearance on top of an empty scaffold-type structure. This same structure is used in “Banished” to make an assistant vanish instantly.

“5th Dimension” is an effective illusion where the performer walks through an audience member. A variation of this is “Transformer”, where the performer changes place with his assistant so quickly that there appears to be no explanation for it. In “The Wall”, the performer recedes into a solid wall, and when the cloth cover is taken away, his assistant makes a surprising appearance.
There is a Shadow Box that is packed flat and can be built for under US$50. It is called “Shadows”. This apparatus is also used in “Enlarger” where objects magically grow larger – finally, an assistant is produced from it.

The DVD is well produced and runs for just over one hour. Andrew Mayne explains each illusion clearly – he discusses the method, construction, set-up and performance. He then explains what makes each illusion “ticks” – this is the most valuable part of the instructions. He also talks about how to use each illusion for a different effect. For example, “The Wall” can be used to make the performer appear magically instead of causing the magician to pass through the solid wall. A viewer with an open mind can learn a lot about creating magical effects from Andrew Mayne in this DVD.

(5/5 stars rating).