This DVD contains 6 highly commercial close-up routines performed and taught by Matthew Wright.

Matthew Wright is an excellent performer. His magic has high impact with lots of magical happenings from start to finish You can see the tremendous effects of his performances on the spectators by watching the wonderful reactions on the spectators’ faces! Matthew has a distinctive humorous presentation style that suits his unique character. His routines uses magic props such as Mullica wallet, Mind power deck, a magnetic coin set, and the Omni deck. Even if you are able to obtain all these props, it is not recommended that you perform the magic exactly the way Matthew does them because it is highly unlikely that you posses the same humorous character as Matthew Wright. Matthew’s character allows him to continuously engage his spectators – therefore, his routines have a lot of magical happenings all the time. You may want to pick only those bits of magic that suit your performing character.

In Calzaghe’s Opener, the performer divines a look-at card. It is lost in the deck and then found by another spectator. The spectator signs the card, it changes into another card and the signed card is found inside the performer’s wallet. Finally the remainder of the deck vanishes, leaving behind a transparent block of plastic, and the cards are produced from the performer’s mouth. In this routine, you get to learn the “I-sight”, a technique originally devised by Joe Riding, that enables you to learn the identity of a merely look-at card.

Final Destination is a 3-fly coin effect where the last coin visibly floats from one hand to the other. This is accomplished by a gimmicked shell coin, and you are taught how to construct it. You also need to hook it up in your hands before you begin the trick. This puts a kind of a set-back to the trick, because you cannot take out 3 coins and go straight into the routine. Matthew uses a large container to enable him to hook up the set-up quickly. However, this container remains in sight throughout the routine, and becomes an eye-sore to the spectators. In addition to this, Matthew also uses a magnetic coin set to aid him in “transferring” the coin visually from hand to hand.

In Mental Mullica, a duplicate of a chosen card from a different deck is found clipped onto a bill inside a money folder inside a wallet. A gimmicked deck is used and you are told how to construct it.

Mint may be the most effective trick in the DVD. A spectator names a card she sees in a spread deck. It vanishes from the deck and is found folded inside a mint container. Matthew has an interesting presentation in which whoever eats the mint will be able to see something that is not there. It uses John Kennedy’s Mind Power deck to accomplish the vanish of the card. An alternative version is taught where you do not need to use this deck.

Mullica’s Nightmare is essentially a signed card in wallet trick. Matthew turns it into a hilarious routine where a spectator keeps finding her signed card in the deck at least 5 or 6 times before it ends up in the wallet.

The Big Finish Card Trick is multiple revelations of different chosen cards. In the performance, Matthew reveals 8 different selected cards in different manners. The last card ends up folded inside his mouth. In this segment, Matthew teaches a variation of the Pheonix Knights’ Aces production.

The DVD is well produced. As mentioned, you may not be able to perform in the same manner that Matthew does, but there should be at least several effects or techniques that you can add to your close-up magic repertoire.

(4.5/5 stars rating)