In effect, a freely named card vanishes from a deck and reappears in an impossible location such as inside the performer’s right shoe.

Although it employs a ranging force, the entire routine is so well thought out, especially with the verbal subtleties used, that it is quite difficult for anyone to detect the method used. A deck is in full view right at the start of the performance. A number is called out and a suit determined – they form a card randomly named. This very card vanishes from the deck and later found at an impossible location initially mentioned by the performer.

The deck is easily made up, and can be examined without fear of discovering the secret. The trick can be immediately repeated without resetting anything. The entire routine is almost self-working. What else can you ask for?

Well, what about another incredible trick? In the “Bonus Stunner” section of the book, Steve Shufton takes Ben Harris’ crossroads force and comes up with an ingeniously well thought out “any card at any number”.

A cased deck is placed on the table at the beginning of the performance. Someone randomly names a playing card. Another person calls out a number. The deck is picked up, the cards are taken out of the case, and dealt onto the table to the selected number. The card at this location is the named card!

Two incredible effects in one book!

(5/5 stars rating)