This month’s theme was “Mental and Psychic Magic” and attracted 46 people, among whom were 7 guests.

At the start of the meeting, President John Teo presented visiting magician from USA, Tony Brook our Ring 115 bannerette and 50th anniversary book. Adeline Ng made an announcement on an upcoming event, The Urban Circus on 30 May 2010. Kenneth Chia updated the members on the IBM Mini Convention that would be held on 24 October 2010.

Alvin Terence, the coordinator of the month, gave a quick insight on Mentalism (Mental and Psychic Magic) and demonstrated Clairvoyance. He invited 4 of the guests and handed them his wrist watch to be hidden in one of their pockets. With his back turned away from the audience and his eye closed throughout the entire performance he successfully managed to detect the person holding on to his wrist watch while sensing their thoughts.

President John Teo took as MC for the evening and introduced the various performers.

Nique Tan was the next performer. He confused the crowd and possibly influenced 4 random spectators to pick 4 out of 5 clearly displayed envelopes. They all got a piece of paper each inside the envelopes, while the only envelope left with the performer was shown to contain $100 hard cash inside it. Next, he had 3 different spectators select one card each from different portions of the deck. Each of the 3 selected cards was located by merely spelling to their names. He also did an experiment with Dr Rhine’s ESP cards. He was able to have a precognition of which ESP cards the spectator would place on the table beforehand.

Chew Liang Huat brought along a lie detector bumble bee toy whose nose would light up whenever a lie was told. With the aid of the bumble bee toy, he was able to work his way into discovering a poker card that was freely selected by a spectator.

George Seam demonstrated his telepathic skill using several cards containing pictures of different animals. He was able to divine which spectators selected which animal.

Bosco Francis opened with a couple of bar tricks followed by 2 mind-over-matter stunts. His first stunt involved positioning a spectator to lie between 2 chairs and he, a heavily built person, was able to stand on the lying spectator’s midsection without any visible support there. In the second stunt, he took off his shirt and got several spectators to staple pieces of paper onto various parts of his bare body.

Before the break, Jeremy Pei performed a mental effect in which a spectator freely drew a playing card on a drawing block and the actual card was found folded inside an envelope left on the table all this time. He followed with demonstrations of a coin routine from his latest Ultimate CSB Magic DVD and a dye silk routine with a stripe silk climax ending.

During the 15 minute break, members fellowshipped with one another and purchased magical items from the dealer’s booths set up by Jeremy Pei as well as Tony Brook.

After the break, Tang Sai Thong talked about close-up mats that could easily and economically be obtained from our local stores. He also shared about the possible dangers of performing tricks with borrowed finger rings.

Gordon Li performed an out-of-the-world effect with a borrowed deck of cards. Using only the spectator’s intuition he was able to separate the red cards and black cards from a mixed up deck.

The last performer for the evening was JK Tan. He used a pack of cards and predicted the sum total of several selected cards.

Reported by
Alvin Terence Tan