The torn and restored card, one piece at a time, is now considered a classic of magic. Many variations are available in the market.

Nash Fung’s version, Colour Fusion, incorporates a colour change, and the card can be signed by the spectator.

The effect is as follows: a card is selected and a large signature is put across its face. It is folded into quarters, and one quarter of the card, with part of the signature on it, is torn away and retained by the spectator. The magician proceeds to visually change the colour of the back (say, from blue to red) of the remaining three-quarters of the card, one quarter at a time. This piece is then handed to the spectator who finds that the signature on it matches exactly that on the blue back quarter of the card that he is holding. This makes a wonderful piece of magical souvenir for the spectator who assisted the



The entire routine, especially the various moves, is well thought out. This enables the entire performance to be smooth and seamless, and the signature matches exactly. This leaves an impossible object as a perfect souvenir for the spectator to remember the performer. All this is accomplished without the use of any specially printed card.


Perhaps, a question may arise. If the magician can change the colour of the back of the three-quarter card, can he not restore the last quarter as well? This is what Nash Fung proceeded to do as his bonus trick to us: Colour Fusion & Restoration. The effect is the same except that the magician restores the last quarter as well, still with the original

colour back! This looks really weird for lay people who are not aware of specially printed cards. On the front of the card, the spectator’s signature matches exactly!


The instructions are in the DVD. The DVD is well organised and the instructions are clear. You also receive eight gaff Bicycle cards for the bonus effect.


(5/5 stars rating)