This is a handcrafted hollow light bulb with a hole at the screw end. Also supplied is a rubber stopper that fits well in the hole to prevent anything (especially liquid) placed inside the hollow bulb from coming out prematurely.


Two routines for use with this prop are provided in a 2-pages written instructions sheet. Actually, this prop can be used as a replacement bulb for Mak Magic’s “Milk In Light Bulb”. If you do not possess this equipment, the first routine in the instructions sheet describes a poor man’s version of this trick.


An ungimmicked bulb is unscrewed from a lamp, and placed inside a paper bag. Milk (or salt) is vanished and when the bulb is taken from the bag, it is now full of milk (or salt) and can be poured out onto another container. The bag is turned upside down and shown to be empty. The clear bulb can now be examined.


In the second routine, a transparent light bulb is placed inside a paper bag. Milk is vanished, and when the bulb is taken out of the bag, it is seen to be full of milk, which can be poured out. This appears to be of the same effect as the first trick. However, the method differs In this case, both the bulb and the paper bag can be examined at the end.


Handling tips and other ideas are also given.


This is a small light bulb that can hold 5 oz of liquid. A larger size light bulb is also available that can hold up to 7 oz of liquid. (4.5/5 stars rating).