A few coins and a dollar bill or two were all that was needed for this month’s theme of ‘Coin & Money Magic’. Held on 15 July 2010; 37 people congregated at the usual Bay View Hotel, among them were 4 guests.


The meeting commenced with Kenneth Chia updating the members on the forthcoming Singapore Ring 115’s 60th Anniversary Convention.


Ashish Lodhavia then took his induction test. He entertained with a comical card routine involving transposition and card control, and closed with a Rubik Cube prediction without using a physical Rubik Cube.


Chew Liang Huat demonstrated a coin vanish that allowed him to show both hands empty before making the coin reappear.


Alvin Terence was able to predict how many times a spectator could guess correctly the hand that held a borrowed coin. He surprised us all when he correctly reveled the year the coin was minted.


Nique Tan performed an entertaining coin routine with 3 coins that transposed many times to 3 Chinese coins with a hole each. With a burst of fire in his palm, all the 3 coins vanished and in his hand was found a wedding ring.


Tang Sai Thiong did a card effect that had a challenge for the audience as a gag.


Vice President Enrico Varella performed a classic coin matrix routine and proceeded to give us some important tips for performing such a routine.


Before the break, Pambudi Sunarsihanto challenged a spectator not to pick the only odd card from a stack of 5 cards. Needless to say, the spectator failed. He then managed to influence 4 spectators to cut a deck of cards into 4 piles and found the 4 Aces in the process. In his last trick, he did a speed memory test of a shuffled deck of cards.


During the 15 minute break, members fellowshipped with one another and had food and drinks.


After the break, Baharudin performed a series of effects: the “mother of all book test” routine, instant money production from empty hands, and a cute card revelation by both a toy chick as well as a portable small electronic fan.


Tan Eng Huat was next. He teleported a coin from one box to another, transformed 4 cards to 4 totally different cards, did an Ambitious Card routine


and turned scrap papers into real banknote.


John Teo, the President of Ring 115, performed a comedy prediction trick which he wrote in the July issue of the newsletter. John ended with his own presentation of “hopping halves” coin trick.


Recent close-up champions, Alexander Yuan and Wei Liang Lee, performed their individual winning close-up acts, and showed us why they were picked as winners.


Closing the meeting, Tan Teck Seng did a coins matrix routine and a card transposition effect where 4 Queens magically changed into 4 Aces.




Reported by

Alvin Terence Tan