‘Trick or Treat’, cliché as it sounds, but Singapore Ring 115’s members weretreated to an evening of ‘Trick N’ Treat’ – performing members were encouraged to share and explain how their effect is done. Held on 15 June 2010; 38 people congregated at the usual Bay View Hotel, among them were 4 guests.


The meeting commenced with MC Low Hwee Lang who made an announcement about the club’s upcoming Norm Barnhart Lecture, and urged members to register for it. Kenneth Chia took over the floor and proudly announced details of the forthcoming Singapore Ring 115’s 60th Anniversary Convention.


Jimmy Lee then came forward and presented to the members about a national event ‘Yellow Ribbon Run’ and how members could take part in it – he made reference to the successful event held last year 2009 in which our members also took part.


Tan Teck Seng, the first performer of the evening, shared with us an interesting variation of a coin effect, 4 Fly, using 4 non-gimmick coins.


Chew Liang Huat taught 3 effects using straws: Psychokinetic Straw, impromptu Straw Thru Straw and Cut & Restore String with an easily made gimmick straw.


Bernard Sim taught a convincing 2 coins across the hand using non-gimmick coins.


Jeremy Tan explained 2 variations of Sandwich Card with a gimmick and non-gimmick card.


Before the break, Jeremy Pei demonstrated several effects. First was the magical combination of 4 coloured handkerchief and a production of a multi- colour cane. He also explained the difference between a Dye Tube and Palmo Ball and did an explanation of a silk change using the Palmo Ball. Lastly, he explained the D’lite, and to use it and how to do a D’lite switch during performance.


During the 15 minute break, members fellowshipped with one another and purchased magical items from the dealer’s booth set up by Jeremy Pei.

There was also a Yellow Ribbon Run Information Booth set up by Jimmy Lee.


After the break, Alvin Terence performed and explained his version of ACAAN.


Tang Sai Thiong shared with the members Max Maven’s Lucky Deal and some rubber band effects.


Alexander Yuen taught 3 coins to glass.


George Seam recapped an effect from TQR using printed cards with the patter on lies. He also taught a rubber band effect using hair bands.


Jonathan Low taught and performed an Elmsley effect where a card was selected, placed back in the deck, vanished and reappeared face up when the cards were ribbon-spread.


Wei Liang Lee performed and explained a packet card effect where the backs of the cards were changed from red to blue and vice versa.


Enrico Varella performed an effect from Steve Ehler. He mentally predicted the card that each of the 3 spectators cut to and the packet of cards that they held on in their hands.


Ending the meeting, Bernard Sim taught another coin effect.