As the title indicates, “The Blindfolded Car” is a manuscript describing not only how you can drive a car blindfolded, but how to “blindfold” the car as well – ie, how you can drive in a car that has its windscreen covered with newspapers or other non see-through materials. You can imagine what attraction such a car would bring in the open road. This makes for very good publicity stunt!

However, this is not a trick where you can do it 5 minutes after reading the instructions. As the author puts it, “it takes nerves of steel to pull this off”. You need a lot of practice. The author warns time and again throughout the manuscript that it is better you read this for the knowledge of how psychics pull off this stunt than to perform the actual feat. There are inherent dangers involved. You run the risk of having your car insurance premium

increased, getting arrested by the police, losing your driving licence, or even damaging your car or someone else’s car, or getting someone killed. You should perform this stunt on closed roads only, not in the open traffic.

Devin Knight, the author and inventor, has performed this as a professional psychic under the name of Jason Michaels. He was arrested for this act, and this went into front page

publicity which eventually got him worldwide fame. This interesting story is covered in the booklet and is a lesson on how to make the best use of the situation at hand.

Everything about driving blindfolded in a blindfolded car is covered in this over 40 pages comb-bound booklet. Devin gives the various methods of covering the windscreen of the car: with newspapers, black paint, and sunshade. He also discusses the different types of blindfold to use. Devin shows how you can best make use of a reporter seating inside the car with you while you drive blindfolded. Devin also reveals an improved method of driving blindfolded in a newspaper covered car.

Since this stunt is likely to get the police involved, Devin shares what to do when you get arrested. As a bonus effect, Devin shows you how you can stop a car with just your mind!

This manuscript is written by an experienced performer, and every little detail is covered. It makes for interesting reading. If you intend to use it for TV publicity, you need to contact Devin Knight concerning TV rights.



4.5/5 stars rating!