This is not the first time Gary Jones and Chris Congreave come together and produce a DVD. I’ve seen some of their work in the past and I am impressed by the quality of their work. This DVD is filled with quality and easy to do routines, all with the help of duplicates. The routines uses from a few to as many as 51 duplicates. Most of the routines in this DVD are not knuckle busting and some of the routines are almost idiot proof!

I’ll talk about some of the interesting routines in this DVD.

Nearly CAAN is a seemingly ACAAN effect but this one is way easy to do. I feel that this is a very strong routine with added subtleties which strengthen the effect further.

Kick Right Back is a short but strong routine. It is something like a sandwich effect whereby 2 selected cards are lost and then sandwiched between 2 indifferent cards. The routine ends with the cards switching places.

Joker Surprise is essentially a routine whereby the spectator manages to pick 1 card out of a pack of 51 jokers. Gary Jones and Chris Congreave each have different presentation for this routine. This is a fun and easy routine to do.

Pocket Aces is a 4 ace production, lost and then found in the spectator’s pocket. This routine requires the ability to p*** a card. It is rather strong and Gary Jones has a nice way of p****** the cards.

This DVD is packed with good card magic; it is a must for card lovers. Highly recommended. Rating 4/5.

PS. I predict that there will be an increase in the sales of 1 way decks (or maybe 2 way decks).