If you have seen the demo for this item, you’d probably have an idea what you can use it for. This is not an effect entirely by itself; it’s a utility device which can enhance routines.

What you get is a device that is small enough to be palmed. The packaging that comes with it includes the charger unit, instructions and refills. You will need flash cotton for this to work. The charger unit will not be used during your performance; it is used to charge your firebird gimmick, which takes about 2 minutes to charge. The instruction sheet that comes with it is not in detail. A link is provided for you to view the instructions online. I think the refills provided should be more.

To say that you don’t have to activate it with a switch is not totally correct. You will need to activate the gimmick with the push of a button (more like a safety feature which does not fire the flash cotton yet. The tilting of the gimmick will activate the heating mechanism. When the button is activated, you will need to be careful as not to tilt too much to have a pre-mature activation.

If you are into fire magic, this would probably be a utility device that can enhance your magic. Rating : 3/5