If you have seen Mariano Goñi’s Melting point, you would know that he is a creative magician. This DVD is divided into 2 sections. The first section features 5 routines and the other sections features 6 moves and quick effects.

Let me tell you, I am very impressed with this DVD. The title for this DVD “Innovative card Magic” indeed described this DVD truly. The moves and routines are fresh and they look really good. Some of the routines are variations of other routines but they are very nice variations.

I like everything in this DVD except for Harmony Stone; it requires a full deck set-up and the first half of the routine is quite weak. Having said that, there are some clever methods used in this routine. It is not a bad routine, just that I don’t quite like this as compared to other routines in the DVD.

Raikiri Shoot looks really cool. After watching the all the routines in the performance segment, I immediately went to the Raikiri Shoot’s explanation. I should have known how it was done but I didn’t as the way Mariano performed looks impossible. This is not difficult to do but you need to prepare the gimmick which you may already have.

The Hurricane is another very cool stunt you can do with a single card. The card spins fast and long.

The Eagle is a very cool way to learn the identity of a stopped card without looking at the face of the deck. The deck is not marked and can even be borrowed. The gimmick needed is included in this DVD.

As for the rest of the routines, they are worth learning even though some of them are variations of other routines. These are strong and powerful routines. Highly recommended. Rating 4.5/5.