“People like to be freaked out.” That’s what Sean Fields said. Do you agree with what he says? Well I don’t really believe that people like to be freaked out. There may be some but not all.

This effect is basically: swallow a coin and cut your arm with a knife and while the blood is oozing out, the coin will seemly have a life of its own and will slowly come out of the wound. This is visual geek magic.

You will need to purchase all the items necessary to perform this. The items are not difficult to find. Sean Field includes a recipe to make fake blood though you can also buy them if you don’t want to make them. You will also need to prepare the coin (or buy them from a magic shop). The method used is not new but it’s a ingenious way to use it for such as effect.

Though I’m not a fan of this genre of magic, this effect looks convincing and can be gross to some too. You have to choose your spectator carefully when performing this piece, especially kids; you don’t want them to imitate you.

If you like geek magic, or if you are already performing a version of needles through arm, swallowing razor blades or needles, this coin/ geek effect is for you. For me, I still prefer my classic coin effects. Rating 3/5.