On 15 December 2010, the meeting at the usual Bayview Hotel gathered a total of 36 members and 9 guests. Stand-Up (Parlour) Magic was Decemeber’s theme that evening. The cooridinators were JK Tan and Victor Heng. The meeting commenced with Alvin Terence who shared his view on Parlour magic and gave 3 useful tips that influenced his performances.

The performance began with Pambudi. He tossed a crushed paper ball to obtain a random spectator.  The crushed paper ball was opened to reveal a very thought-of color of the spectator. Pambudi then revealed the shirt brand worn by another spectator in a comical fashion. He closed with a handling of a Larry Becker effect with bills and the selection of a playing card.

Tommy Kian demonstrated card-cheat techniques such as second and bottom dealings. He apparently memorized the order of a deck of cards, had one card moved from its position and then revealed its identity.

Tang Sai Thong began his set with a 4 Ace production, before moving on into a sandwich effect. He then gave advice on rubber band magic, suggesting that florescent bands handle nicely and are visible even from a distance. He kindly shared where to purchase these rubber bands.

Nique Tan performed a 3 Fly routine and Misled, the popular pencil through bill effect. He continued with his own presentation of Technicolour Prediction (triple prediction trick with 2 spectators) and Double Crossed, a cards-across effect.

Before the break, Jeremy Tan performed some coin magic including a coins across sequence with a spectator’s hands. He also demonstrated a Rainbow Deck routine that was sold at his both.

After the break, Hong Kim and Wendy performed a choreographed and well rehearsed Linking Ropes routine which was well received by everyone present.

Lim Teck Guan did a penetration effect using a wooden block and a straw. Shade performed an  impressive memory feat, memorizing the order of cards that were shuffled by a spectator. Gician Tan performed an Ambitious Card routine without using double lift. Some of the sleights used were his unpublished personal sleights.

Wee Kien Meng had fishes that could predict the card selected. A spectator was invited to select a card from a pack and then using the toy bait to fish out a fish with a prediction at the mouth. The spectator caught the fish with the right prediction.

Ending the meeting, Jeremy Pei performed a 3 fly routine with a jumbo coin appearance ending. He then performed LemoNegg, his own handling of the bill to lemon effect.

Reported by

Alvin Terence Tan De Souza