There are a few variations of this effect taught in the DVD. There is the sleight of hand method and the non-sleight of hand method. In both methods, you will need to prepare the sugar packets. The items needed are easily available. In order to do the non-sleight of hand method, you will need to prepare the props and the preparation will take some time, it can be a little messy too. My preference is the sleight of hand method as it looks better and is cleaner in a way. The color changing crayon is not very visible as the sleeve of the crayon is not contrasting enough to make people notice the change. I only saw the change the second time I watch that segment. This can probably be rectified by changing the brand of the crayon.

The colored “sugar” that Chris Randall reckons can’t be consumed but he also mentioned about using other colored consumable sugar which is a lot more expensive. For such a short effect, Chris Randall goes into great details explaining the working of this effect. For me, I find the explanation a bit long winded, but that’s just me, others may prefer a more detailed explanation.

If you work in a restaurant that provides crayons for kids, this may be an effect that is suitable for you. But the time taken to prepare this effect will put some people off. It’s an interesting effect but it is not hard hitting. Rating 2/5.