The Forrest/Francis Project Vol. 1 by Cameron Francis and David Forrest

I spent more than 5 minutes navigating the DVD menu just to make it “play all”. To be fair, I was using my laptop to play this DVD, this could be the problem caused by my software, nothing to do with the contents, I’m just whiningJ.

Anyway, let’s start with the review; Forrest and Francis are both very creative magicians. I have always admired Forrest’s work and they are very clever.

Hadron Collider is a very unique “find a card trick” effect using a black face card with 2 holes. You will need to construct the gimmick and you will find the time used to construct the gimmick well spent.

FF Collectors – As the name suggest, this routine is based on the collectors plot. However, there are some moves which I feel that are illogical such as turning a pack of cards face up onto the deck and then removing the face up card away. But I guess you can get away with such moves using patters.

The 3 card Trick – This is a good one. Its combines a sort of “6 card repeat” effect with a “find a card trick” type of effect. Effective and entertaining.

Between – Do this and you will have an excuse to give away your business card. A selected signed card is lost and then appears folded in quarters in between 2 business cards which has predictions written on it. If you intend to this in your gig or perform this regularly, you will need to have plenty of the “selected” cards on standby as each performance will destroy the selected card.

Invisible Poker – Based on Jenning’s plot and has a kicker ending. This is going to take some work to pull it off.

Trick Question – An interesting plot whereby the spectator’s chosen cards changed to other cards.

Coin Thru hand – The only non-card effect in this DVD. You will need a special coin which you can make on your own in order to perform this. The effect is ok but the palm is seen to be in a awkward position when showing the coins getting stuck in the hand.

5 Card Monte – A no palm card to pocket effect disguised as a Monte routine. A very clever method which is easy to do too.

Limelight – The magicians attempt to find the selected card by riffling down the edge of the deck, a card will then get jogged out, this card will then help the magician find the card and the routine ends with the appearance of the 4 aces. This uses a very simple gimmick which you can make in less than 10 seconds.

Impossible Sandwich – A very easy to do sandwich effect. After the card is lost into the deck, the spectator does all the work. This is my favorite effect in volume 1.

The Forrest/Francis Project Vol. 2 by Cameron Francis and David Forrest

Volume 2’s menu seems to be easier to navigate. Anyway here goes my review.

Eighteen – An effect that involves math. You will need to prep the deck with a simple stack and do some writing on some of the cards. This is basically a prediction effect whereby the total of 3 cards’ value are added and the prediction is written on the back of the card as well as the box. Self-working and easy to do.

Pip My Ride – Described as an “incredibly visual moving pip effect” which I have to disagree. It is visual but not incredibly visual. It’s essentially a pip getting transferred onto another card. A novel card effect though.

Gnoma – What is Gnoma? It’s actually “among” spelt backwards. This is a sandwich effect with an addition of transposition between the black and red aces. Its impromptu and easy to do. An effective card trick .

Progression – An ace assembly with the resemblance of Coin Matrix. The kings from 1 of the 4 piles disappear and join another pile, at the end of the effect, the kings jumps back to their original pile. An interesting take on the card assembly. Nice!

Offshoot – A neat effect with the production of the 3 matching value of the spectator’s selected card in between 4 cards. An interesting and creative effect.

Void Voyage – Ha! An Acme portable hole. I like this very much. The hole travels from the performer’s card into the card that the spectator is holding. Requires you to make a gaff card which is simple and very clever too.

New Addition – I wouldn’t really consider this as a mathematical effect. You will need to add the value of the prediction cards to arrive at the value of the selection.

Twisted Again – Twisting the Aces with plenty of additions! The spectator chosen card is lost and then revealed at the end of the routine. The revelation of the card can be produced from the pocket or even a wallet (using a card to wallet). Nice.

Ultimate Separation – Oil and water effect which I feel that it is not bad but wouldn’t consider it as “ultimate”. It uses the card case as part of the routine.

The Colour of Money – The last routine in this volume, another novel trick using a pool theme. You’ll need to prepare the deck, a cue chalk and an 8 ball. The production of the 8 ball is very visual. Well thought-out routine but it will be a challenge for a beginner though.

In conclusion, there are some nice routines in these 2 DVDs but there are some routines which can be confusing as well. Both Forrest and Francis are very creative magicians though I wish they could add more variety apart from cards in this set. Card lovers will enjoy these routines and I pretty sure that there’ll be a few routines which will fit into your repertoire.

Rating 3.5/5