When I first saw the online demo, the vanish looks really magical. Most magician would probably know the method to accomplish the vanish. If you were to use the traditional way to do a similar vanish, you would need to wear a jacket.

Of course there are other versions that uses similar concept. There are the vest versions as well as the jacket version. The closest version to TKO is a version by my friend Enrico, his version “Tiepit” uses a tie. Tiepit is a good method if you are wearing a tie. Tiepit can be found in Bob Fitch’s Topit DVD.

For TKO, you can’t wear a tie when you use it. It is most suitable when you wear casual clothing. You will need to wear shirt with buttons. Having known other methods, I was not really intrigued by the demo though it looks magical. But once I look at the gimmick, my opinion of TKO immediately changed. The device is very cleverly designed and you can even retrieve vanished items. The book and the DVD give very clear instructions on how to install and use the TKO.

The only downside of this item is the price. I feel that the book is redundant as a DVD is already included. Additional info can be added into the DVD and the book can be taken out of this package to lower the price. Overall, I think this is a very good item for close-up worker. Highly recommended. Rating 4.5/5