The first meeting of the year 2011 attracted 34 people, including 6 guests.  The venue was the usual function room at Bayview Hotel.


The theme for the evening was “Out Of Your Wallet”.  This means performing magic with items that are found in one’s wallet.  The MC for the evening was Bernard Sim.


The first performer was Chew Liang Huat, who did an impressive coin vanish from hand where he could show both sides of his hand empty afterwards.


Lee Chong Jee was next.  He performed Gregory Wilson’s “Pointless” where the tip of a ball-point pen kept transferring from one end of the pen to the other.  This was followed by a prediction of one of six favourite food of a spectator.  His final effect was an impromptu forefinger through a borrowed bill.


It was mental magic time with the next performer, Pambudi.  His repertoire included a prediction of a playing card as well as the name of a lady written on the back of the card.   There was an ACAAN effect where the named card was found on the page number of a book instead of the named location in a deck.  His final trick was the prediction of the positions of three envelopes freely placed by a spectator at three different locations.


Jeremy Pei gave a talk on tricks using the CSB gaff coin.  He had produced a DVD entitled “Ultimate CSB Magic” where he presented six routines using the CSB coin.  In this talk, Jeremy showed his improved take on “CSB Wild” – a chameleon coin effect where the coin changed as it touched another coin.  He also demonstrated a neat coin prediction effect that could be repeated many times.  His last effect was an improved version of “CSB Subway Matrix” – an international coins matrix with a visual un-assembly finish.


Lim Teck Guan borrowed a $10 bill and trapped it inside a leather wallet with a central through-hole.  He proceeded to push the lit end of a cigarette through the hole without damaging the bill.


During the short interval, members intermingled, ate snacks and drank coffee, and purchased magical wares from two dealers who set up their booths at the meeting.


After the break, President John Teo displayed a pocket book of quotations and demonstrated how he could divine which of the one hundred quotations was selected by a spectator.  His second effect was his exposure of a mentally selected card using only 4 symbols cards.


Jeremy Pei was back again and he magically changed pieces of magazine papers into bills.  He then demonstrated an interesting four colour bulbs and electrical switches effect.  Each of the four differently coloured switches appeared to follow where their respective coloured bulbs were, even though the bulbs were randomly re-arranged by a spectator.


The evening ended with an auction of used books from member Chia Hearn Jiang.  The MC proved to be a capable auctioneer as well.

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