Everything about this product spells “elegance”.  The DVD comes in an elegantly designed package and includes a companion booklet.  The video is well shot in high definition and with multiple camera angles.  The menu offers easy navigation around the DVD. 

What is most important is the content in the DVD.  You get to see a master card technician at work.  Bill Goodwin is truly one of the finest sleight-of-hand card magicians of this era.  Watch him perform 9 card miracles almost effortlessly – the magic seems to happen in his hands!  His presentation as well as his handling of the cards can be summed up in one word – elegant!

Bill Goodwin explains well, too – covering each effect phase by phase and providing the history wherever possible.  A useful feature is the “Point Of View” where Bill summarises the entire working without any verbal explanation.  He gives a quick overview of how to do the trick.

The effects performed and explained in the DVD are:

Oxnard Split – Bill’s handling of Paul Harris’ “Las Vegas Slit”.  A Four splits into 2 Twos, followed by each of the Twos further splitting into 2 Aces.  A variation of this is “One Off” where the performer finds a wrong card (off by one spot), and proceeds to take one spot off the wrong card to arrive at the correct selected card.

Off Balance Transposition – a selected card lost in the middle of the deck and 4 Aces placed on top of the deck switch places.  This can be repeated 2 more times.

Paint Brush Change – Bill’s performance of Roy Walton’s visual full face card change.  Bill uses this technique to do a “Double Lift Unload”

Twisting The Kings – a direct handling of Dai Vernon’s “Twisting The Aces” with a climax in which all the 4 cards turn over face-upwards again simultaneously.

The Mirage Trick – an interesting effect where a selected card appears between 2 cards, only to vanish as quickly, like a mirage.  Included is an explanation of the Bluff Pass.

Spectator Cuts To The Aces – spectator cuts a deck into 4 piles, the performer gathers the top card of each pile and they prove to be the 4 Aces.  An interesting card unloading technique is taught here.
Mistaken Sandwich – a clean and examinable sandwich effect where a wrong card found between 2 cards magically changes into the correct chosen card.

Reciprocity – a direct and clean effect where 4 Kings change places with 4 Aces.

Hold The Mayo – the 4 Aces are produced, one at a time, between 2 Jokers.

The tricks are all performed using an ordinary deck of cards.  You need intermediate card skills to be able to pull off the card works, but nothing so difficult that you cannot accomplish with practice.  (5/5 stars rating)