This is a re-release of 6 of the 14 effects previously put up by the same company in a 2-DVD set.  The 6 tricks are now all contained in one 55 minutes DVD.

They are all practically self-working card tricks, but are claimed to be suitable for both beginners and the professional magicians.  To show how laymen react to these tricks, the performance sections take us down to the various streets of London where Matthew Dowden performs before real people.

Although the tricks do not require difficult sleight-of-hand, they do get tremendous reactions from laymen.  Much of the credit must go to the performer himself.  Matthew Dowden is a rather charming performer: he is good looking, has a bubbly character, and is quite entertaining.  This shows that entertainment is a very important factor in a magical performance – the “end” is often more important than the “means”. 

If you are a beginner in magic, you may want to know how the tricks work.  If you are a seasoned performer you will recognized all the tricks.  However, it is interesting to see how Matthew structures and presents each of them to lay people.  He performs all the tricks in the street, with spectators cupping their 2 hands to act as tables for the cards.

The 6 tricks featured in the DVD are:

Compatibility Test – this is a “do-as-I-do” trick with 2 decks presented as a compatibility test between 2 people.

Listen Ear – a simple but effective card discovery.

Poker Puzzle – a chosen card leads to a winning poker hand.

Match.Com – a simple pairing trick is presented as a matchmaking device.

Sole Survivor – a card to impossible location with the chosen card vanishing from the deck to reappear inside the performer’s shoe.

Ultimate Phone Prediction – similar trick to “Listen Ear”, but with an “unknown” person at the other end of a mobile revealing the location of the chosen card.

These are simple tricks that when presented properly, get tremendous results.  (4/5 stars rating)