This is an one-effect DVD that runs for more than 2 hours! What constitutes the long running time? Is it a multi-phase trick? Is there something complicated to construct or prepare? It is none of these.


One can actually explain the secret in less than 1 minute. It is just a move that you have to execute. However, the creator, Wayne Houchin, takes you through the entire effect – from setting the mood with your audience, to live performances, to the various techniques and subtleties.


Control 2.0 is the second edition of the original Control that was released some time ago.


The effect is that you ask a volunteer to feel your pulse on your wrist, and to count along with your steady heart beat. After a while, they feel your pulse gradually slowing down and then coming to a complete stop! Meanwhile the volunteer can see you closing your eyes and falling into a deep trance or sleep, and your entire body appears to become weak. Properly performed, this effect will freak out the volunteer as they personally experience the temporary stopping of your heart! After a short while, but long enough for anyone to know that it is impossible for anyone to go without a heart beat, your heart slowly beats again, and you regain your normal composure. This is indeed an eerie experience for the audience!


You will be glad to know that the method is completely safe and does not require any gimmicks – you can perform Control impromptu and at any time and venue.


Wayne Houchin is joined by his friends Daniel Garcia, Randall and Dexter at various segments in the DVD. Daniel Garcia contributes an entire different method to heart stopping. Called “Stop”, the effect is that of a volunteer placing their ear on your left chest area where your heart is. They can hear the soft pounding of your heart beat, when it gradually slows down and then stops completely for a while before picking up. Again, the method is totally safe and impromptu. There is also a discussion on how to perform Control when there is a professional doctor in the audience.


At the end credits, there is an impressive and comprehensive listing of research done on pulse-stopping, such as its history, advertisements, performers, and various methods including simulated pulse, gaffed and impromptu methods.


Unlike ordinary magic tricks, Control is an effect that borders on life and death. Properly performed, it is sure to create a great impact on any audience. (4.5/5 stars rating)