The theme for May’s meeting was “(Magic Using) Pen And Paper”. 34 members turned up at the usual venue of BayView Hotel at Bencoolen Street on the evening of 15 May 2011.


Chew Liang Huat was the first performer. He demonstrated his own method of vanishing ballpoint. A ballpoint pen was covered with a piece of newspaper. The pen disappeared leaving behind only its cap. George Seam was next. He did a 3 card monte “Find The Queen” effect. As a climax, a pen was clipped onto a rubber band and it mysteriously moved and pointed to the correct card. Derek Lee shared an interesting idea. The written word, “Esp now vip”, when turned upside down, revealed “diamonds 3”.


Nique Tan presented 2 intriguing mental effects. 3 helpers, together with the performer, freely chose which chair to sit on and which envelope to keep. Their choices were found predicted in advance by the performer. His second effect was a card version of Max Maven’s Kurotsuke. 5 helpers each picked a card, and the performer could single out the person who chose the only card with a white ball.


Huang Fu Qiang made 2 successful predictions. One was of a chosen playing card and the other of a freely chosen letter of the alphabet. Patron Gician Tan showed his skill at sleight-of-hand. A card, which was palmed in his hand, magically became invisible. He cut to the 4 Queens and they finally transformed to the 4 Aces. Jeremy Pei demonstrated a fascinating effect involving 4 coloured bulbs and 4 corresponding coloured electrical switches. Even though the bulbs and the switches were randomly switched around, the various switches were able to light up the correct colour bulbs.


An interval allowed members to fellowship with one another and to purchase magical items from Jeremy Pei and Peter Tan.


After the break, Victor Heng presented an interesting effect where a cut-out of a fish could be cut further with a pair of scissors to represent the various letters in the word DONUT. His co-ordinator, JK Tan, who was the MC for the evening, also presented a paper cutting trick. With a piece of paper and a pair of scissors, JK Tan revealed the identities of 3 chosen card, including one card which was a fusion of 2 of spades and 2 of hearts.


Bosco successfully divined which animal was chosen by each of 4 spectators. Unknown to all of us, he set up for an explosion of confetti which he later activated by remote control! Wee Kien Meng did an effect for a couple (male and female helpers). He produced a solid deck of cards from a thin paper catalogue. The lady chose a card and the gentleman had 4 chances to find it. The 4 cards that the gentleman picked magically morphed into a giant replica of the lady’s chosen card.


Pambudi had 8 members on stage to act as 8 race horses. Several spectators made predictions as to which were the top 3 horses. A prediction was selected and it matched exactly the one which the prformer made beforehand. Kyle Ravin was able to divine which one of 10 items a spectator merely thought of.


JK Tan took time off from MC and showed us various creative methods of displaying Max Maven’s Rainbow Force of a 4 X 4 number matrix on stage. President John Teo concluded the evening with 2 effects. He did a mathematical card trick with a deck that was eventually revealed to have blank faces. He utilsed 4 cards in his next effect. The ace of hearts magically had a cut-out of a heart shape, the 2 of hearts had 2 cut-outs and the 3 of hearts had 3 cut-outs. As a climax, all the hearts cards vanished and became the 4 Jokers, without any cut-outs.



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