This is a 4-phase bending and manipulation of your little finger that will freak people out because it is simply not humanly possible!


The little finger is pushed into the hand so that only its tip is visible. It is then pull out to its normal length again. The little finger is next bent inwards in a humanly impossible manner. It is straightened out and then bent outwards. Finally, all is well, and the little finger is snapped back into place.


Will Houston takes you step by step and teaches you how to perform each phase of this strange phenomenon. The moves appear to be frighteningly genuine as much of the finger being bent is not covered by the fingers of the other hand. The tips he gives for each phase are also quite relevant and valuable.


The entire effect is easy to do and can be done impromptu. You will not hurt yourself if you follow the instructions carefully. When performed properly, you are guaranteed to freak people out! Be careful when you perform for people who are squeamish!


Everything is revealed in this well produced DVD. This is highly recommended for people who like this type of effect. (5/5 stars rating)