In this DVD, Scott Strange teaches a couple of sponge ball moves and gives you several routines.

The “Strange Change” is a sponge ball switch done with one hand, much like the Bobo coin switch.  Strange then shows you a short routine he calls “OC Transpo” where 2 different colour sponge balls change places between your hand and a spectator’s hand.  Finally, both balls magically vanish altogether.

Strange teaches another sleight which he calls “Thunderball”.  It is splitting a sponge ball into 2 balls.  This is simply a variation of the classic splitting move.  Strange then goes into his favourite routine called “Eye, Ball”.  This is fast-pace interactive comedy routine done with a spectator.  A small sponge ball magically grows into a larger ball and finally into a much larger ball when the magician or the spectator puts on a pair of magic glasses.  In-between, there are funny transpositions of the balls between the magician’s and the spectator’s hands.

Strange also shows another routine called “Odd Balls” which he claims he performs only for magicians.  Three balls change colour, change places between his hand and the table, and finally they vanish.  It is too confusing to follow, even for magicians.

The explanations of the sleights and routines are clear and carried out with multi-view shots and with wordings on the screen.  The sleights are not really advanced as stated on the DVD write-up.  The routines are not really ground-breaking but variations of standard sponge ball tricks.

In the bonus section, Strange provides several tips on using sponge balls and holds an interview with Jeff Pinsky, the owner of Browser’s Den Of Magic in Canada.  If you do sponge ball magic, you may want to try out the “Strange Change” and “Eye, ball” routine.  (3.5/5 stars rating)