The theme of September’s meeting was changed at the last minute to “An Evening With Shaun Yee”. This was to accommodate the visit of Shaun Yee and his wife Anna from Italy. Shaun was visiting his motherland, Malaysia, and decided to stop over in Singapore. This was Shaun’s fourth visit to our Ring 115.


The attendance on the evening of 15 September 2011 was 39. The venue was the function room of Bayview Hotel.


Shaun Yee presently runs a magic shop in Milan, Italy with his wife Anna. He brought along a trunk full of magic items to demonstrate and sell.


Shaun commenced with a short discourse on the art of manipulation. He explained why every magician should do some form of manipulation and sleight-of-hand magic. He demonstrated and explained card manipulations, showed how to prepare an ordinary deck of cards for manipulation, and how to do single and multiple card productions. He then went on to demonstrate and explain cigarettes manipulations.


From a request by one of the members, Shaun demonstrated and explained the “illusion” false shuffle. He then discussed various types of false shuffles and card control techniques.


It was time for demonstration and sales of magic items. Shaun brought along some 50 magic items. They comprised accessories such as Sanada Gimmick, devil’s handkerchiefs and manipulation and fanning decks, and classic magic effects such as appearing wands, dancing canes, haunted keys and serpent silks. Several effects are of his own originations such as Frisky Cards, Still Haunted and SY Rising Cards. Brisk sales was observed and many items were sold out.


It was a good time to catch up with this Asian magician who made it good in Europe.



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