We celebrated our 61st Anniversary on 26 November 2011 at the RolandRestaurant.  This much-awaited event was well attended by 153 diners, and more than half of whom are friends and family members of our members.

Diners who arrived early were treated to table-hopping magic by Enrico Varella, Adeline Ng, Tan Jui Kuan, Baharudin, and John Teo.  After a welcome speech by President John Teo, the 8-course Chinese dinner commenced.

During the dinner, mementos were given out to Ring 115 patrons and members of the Management Committee.  Awards were also presented to following most-active members:  Pambudi, Chew Liang Huat, Tang Sai Thong, Tommy Kian and Jeremy Pei.
After dinner, it was time for stage magic.  The tables were rolled away and the chairs were rearranged in theatre style.  Opening the show was Joe Yu, with his fast-paced dove act and parakeet production act, culminating with dove to lionhead rabbit production.  He continued with red led (aka D’lite) effects, Orange-Lemon-Egg-Cage routine, and closed with kabuki launcher.

The second performer was Gician Tan.   He vanished a candle, produced 8 coins, and did his own version of professor’s nightmare, card through net, sucker colour-changing hankies and snowstorm in China.  Shawn Chua followed with a “Tricks 4 Food” sight gag.  Inviting a spectator on stage, Shawn transformed him into a human dummy with the “Mic Mouth”, a microphone that had an animated jaw attached to it.  Shawn proceeded to do magic with this human dummy whose voice was totally controlled by the performer.

Magician-ventriloquist Joseph Then introduced an unique Singapore dummy aptly named Ah Beng.  His dummy act with “Ah Beng” (what else?) jokes was hilarious and brought the house down with laughter.  The next performer was Wee Kien Meng aka Mr Bottle.  His repertoire consisted of colour-changing T-shirt, wine/glass transposition routine and gypsy thread.  Closing the show was Jeremy Pei.  As a tribute to the late Great Wong, he performed the Great Wong’s linking ring routine as a respect for the late magician’s wife and son who were present that evening.  Jeremy continued with silk and parasol act, snowstorm in China, and ended with a beautiful Japanese bamboo net manipulation act similar to the “troublewit” routine.

Door gifts were contributed by Gician Tan and Dr Eric Yap.  Lucky draws provided the lucky winners with additional joy.  The MC was Pambudi.  His comedy magic acts in-between his announcements, and his strange Indonesian accent kept us all entertained throughout the evening.  Reported by: JOHN TEO