Last year, we introduced a fellowship dinner (buffet dinner for members without any formal progam) because our Anniversary Dinner was replaced by a one-day mini magic convention in celebration of our 60th anniversary.

This fellowship dinner turned out to be such a success that there were many requests to repeat it this year.  This request was taken up and we felt that December, with its end-year festive mood, was the best month to have the fellowship dinner.

As early as 6.30pm, members arrived at the Bayview Coffee House in the evening of 15 December 2011for a buffet dinner.  There was no formal program for the evening.  There was no need to – whenever magicians gather, there will be magic!  Members brought along tricks and sporadic groups were seen enjoying magical performances by themselves.

A total of 35 people attended, including our very own J C Sum and a visiting magician from Taiwan, Huan Jun Jie, who was a champion of a TV magic competition in Taiwan.

A large portion of the Coffee House was blocked off for our function.  There were 2 guests of the hotel who took the buffet dinner and they became perfect spectators for our magic performances.  One was a lady from Germany and the other was a couple from Switzerland.  They were so excited and told us afterwards that they were fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time to enjoy this special magical dessert by us.  The waitresses, waiters and cashier also enjoyed themselves.

It was an enjoyable evening of food, fellowship and magic for all.

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