This is a remastered 2-DVD set of a lecture conducted by Gaetan Bloom way back in 1966.  As remarked by a much older Gaetan Bloom in an interview segment in the 1st DVD between him and Dominique and Alexandra Duvivier (father and daughter), the materials are so old that they are new, especially to younger magicians.  In that interview, Gaetan also mentioned that he delights in simple methods and that these tricks are as effective today as they were more than a decade ago.

This is all true when you view through the 20-odd effects in these 2 DVDs.  The DVDs are in dual languages – French (original) and English (dubbed).  The lecture is in 3 segments.

The 1st segment is all about invisible threads.  Gaetan calls it “Indirect Threads” because he uses the invisible thread not in the usual way of levitating or animating an object, but in a creative yet most unusual manner as follows:
• An alarm clock is set to ring exactly when the performer deals the chosen card onto the table.
• Performer can predict which rolled up and rubber-banded card, inside a large bottle containing at least 2 dozens such cards, will be selected.
• Performer can perform coins (actually using large buttons) through table standing up (ie without lapping).
• Performer can predict which one of 5 different objects will be placed hidden inside a certain pocket.
• Make a playing card stand on its edge.
• Animate sponge balls and levitate doll cut out of a playing card.

The 2nd segment is on tricks using a thumb-tip.  Again, Gaetan comes up with some novel applications of the thumb tip:
• Colour-changing silk routine without the use of the change tube.
• Sucker silk to egg routine without switching the egg.
• A freely selected button got sewn onto an empty handkerchief.
• Transferring a silk from one ear to the other.
• Silk vanishes and appears inside a selected bun.
• Ring to key fob without using a reel.
• Discussions on 3 other effects:
o Fine sugar to sugar cube.
o Revelation of the serial number of a bill isolated in a film canister.
o Very clean switching of a crumpled paper ball.

The 3rd segment comprises general magic.  Here you will find classic tricks for both stage and close-up but with Gaetan’s own ingenious methods of accomplishing them:
• A die that eliminates one number without using a 5-sided gimmicked die – in fact, you can actually see all 6 different faces of the die but one side will not turn face upwards.
• A convincing wand through bottle.
• A “card-toon” animated deck effect in which you can spread and show all the backs of the cards.
• The lasso rope trick without using magnet and the card can be freely chosen and signed.
• A torn corner card trick where the torn card vanishes in the deck and reappears inside a Polaroid picture.  This trick may be out-dated due to advancements in photography technology.
• A “Chinese Sticks” effect using the common bicycle pumps and with incredible simple method of operation.

Gaetan Bloom offers a brand new trick for this set of DVDs.  The effect is called “Angling” and it involves 2 spectators fishing out 5 small containers from a revolving platform, leaving the performer with the one container that contains a large sum of money.  The fished out containers all contain a sweet each.

All of Gaetan’s tricks have a strong effect on the audience and are cunningly easy to do.  They also have a high interactive content with the spectators.  Gaetan has a unique comical performing style which should not be imitated in your performances because you do not have Gaetan’s personality.   These DVDs contain novel and practical effects that you will add to your performing repertoire.  (5/5 stars rating)