The idea that a full deck of 52 cards can be “compressed” or “condensed” into 4 to 6 cards attracted a lot of attention when it first came out in the market.  Notable ones are Jim Steinmeyer’s “The World’s Thinnest Deck of Cards” and Cody Fisher’s “Concentration Cards”. 

Essentially, the effect is that the performer is able to divine one of the 52 cards thought-of by a spectator by merely studying the “compressed” cards.  This is where Luke Dancy deviates from the plot.

The performer displays a flatten playing card case – this looks like a paper wallet that contains packet card tricks.  From inside this wallet case, he takes out 4 cards, each card depicting various values and suits indices of a playing card.  He said that these 4 cards represent a compressed deck of 52 cards.  Magically, the 4 cards transform into a 4-of-a-kind of the spectator’s choosing, eg. the 4 Aces.  There are no Elmsley counts or difficult moves.  The transformation is quick and effective. 

You are supplied with an instructional DVD, with Paul Richards performing and explaining the Luke Dancy’s effect.  You are also supplied with the card wallet and the necessary cards to allow you to transform the 4 compressed deck cards into the 4 Aces.  You will be taught how to transform them into any 4-of-a-kind.

There is a bonus effect where you will be taught how to produce a full deck of cards.  This makes a good opening effect for card tricks.  (5/5 stars rating)