I have always loved performing Mental Epic – it is a 3 phase prediction effect with a fantastic impact on the audience – and the secret is simply ingenious.  Unfortunately, the Mental Epic Board looks too “apparatus-y” – it looks like a device specially constructed to perform this effect, complete with whatever gimmicks that are built into it – especially the more ornate the Board, the more it looks like a magic prop.

At last, here comes a Mental Epic Pad that looks like it is put together with materials from a stationery store.  It is a pad of oversized drawing papers.  The front page is divided into 6 compartments with lines drawn by marker pens.  The covers for the 3 compartments consist of metal spring paper clips and folded envelopes.  Everything looks home-made, yet, it has the necessary gimmicks built into it.  It operates easily, silently and smoothly, and the pad can be handled normally.

However, you need to construct the entire pad yourself.  Marc Oberon gives clear instructions in the DVD on how you can put together this Mental Epic Pad.  The necessary gimmicks are provided with the DVD.  Marc also explains how to construct a small model for close-up performance.  I personally believe the Mental Epic Pad is most effective if performed on stage.

As a bonus, Marc Oberon also explains a simple yet effective book force of a word.  A wonderful investment.  (5/5 stars rating).