This is a mental effect that is straight-forward, yet is very puzzling to the spectators.

Performer shows a small wallet from which he takes out 3 business cards.  The business cards are laid out in a row on the table.  A spectator is invited to place their mobile phone on any one of the business cards.  Next, the spectator takes out a bunch of keys and places them onto one of the 2 remaining business cards.  Finally the last business card is replaced back into the wallet.

The performer now shows that the business card with the mobile phone placed on top of it has PHONE written on the other side.  Similarly, the business card with the bunch of keys on it has KEYS written on the bottom, and the business card in the wallet has WALLET written on the other side.

At the end of the performance, you are in a prefect situation to leave one, or all 3 of the business cards with the spectator.  What a magical way of handing out your business card to a potential client!

The effect is easy to do, and the spectator does have a free choice.  Everything, including some additional ideas, is explained in a well produced DVD.  You also receive a nicely made leather wallet that is perfect for this effect.  You need to supply your own business cards, obviously.  (4.5/5 stars rating)