Folding a sheet of paper into an animal or an object is the beautiful art of Origami.  If you conceal the physical part of folding the paper, it becomes magical because you now transform a lifeless piece of paper into a representation of an animal or an object.  This was what Andrew Mayne attempted to do in The Origami Effect DVD.

To make it “more” magical, Andrew has the audience think of an animal, and then transforms a sheet of paper into an origami form of the “thought-of” animal.

The Origami Effect has 2 parts.  The first part is how to determine the thought-of animal.  The second part is how to “magically” transform a piece of paper into the thought-of animal.  Andrew discusses various methods for each part and comes out with the following effects: 

The Origami Effect:  A spectator thinks of an animal from a list of 49 animals.  The performer transforms a piece of Post-It-Note into the thought-of animal.

The Recycled Rabbit:  This is the Origami Effect for stage performance.  A piece of newspaper is torn into pieces and is restored into a large origami rabbit.  This paper rabbit can be manipulated ala Williamson’s raccoon and becomes animated.  Suitable for kids shows.

Psychic Origami:  Andrew’s attempt to make the effect impromptu.  A dollar bill is borrowed and transformed into a thought-of animal.

Wineglass Origami:  A visual variation of the “Psychic Origami”.  A borrowed dollar bill is dropped into a wine glass and visually changes into an origami butterfly.

Everything is explained in the 65 minutes DVD, including how to fold the various animals used in all the effects.  Andrew’s explanations are clear and he gives many valuable insights.  The DVD also comes with a printed list of the 49 animals.

If you are fascinated by origami and want to use it in magic, this DVD is a very good place to start – it will motivate you to come out with your own presentations.  (4/5 stars rating)