The event took place on the evening of the national holiday, 1 May 2012.  Twenty people gathered at BayView Hotel for Hoerbi Kull’s lecture entitled “In And Out”.

Although Hörbi Kull (English: Hoerbi Kull) arrived in Singapore on the early morning of 1 May 2012, he seemed fresh in the evening when he opened his lecture with a loud bang of his wooden magic wand and made a croquet ball appear. He continued with a nice flow of productions and vanishes of silks and coins before he ended with a comedy Torn and Restore Tissue routine with a participative member of the audience.

Hoerbi introduced the Cellini Pouche and explained the technique (“In and Out”, hence the title of his lecture) in using it.  He also explained the psychology behind using a physical squeaking “magic salt shaker”.

A fifteen break with snacks and coffee allowed participants to intermingled as well as to purchase items from Hoerbi Kull’s booth managed by Jeremy Tan.

After the break, President John Teo presented Hoerbi Kull with the Ring 115 bannerette as the 50th anniversary book.  Hörbi then went on to explain in detail the Original Cellini Pouche that he uses in his street performances.  He also introduced the out-of-print oversized book entitled “The Cellini Book – The Royal Touch”. 

Hoerbi then explained in detail “Bill in Lemon” and the “Lord of the Rings” (Linking Rings) routines.  He demonstrated and explained “Glass Go”, an effective vanish of a borrowed empty glass beneath a silk.

As a fitting close, Hoerbi performed his famous 3 cups and balls routine and showed how he put together the routine and how each move was accomplished.

After the lecture, many bought more items from his booth and many took pictures with him.  A group led by Jeremy Tan then brought Hoerbi out for supper at a local outdoor hawkers center, and to have fellowship with him.

We are sure it was one evening in Singapore Hoerbi would not forget.  It was certainly one lecture those who attended would not forget.


Reported by:

Alvin Terence Tan