38 people, including 2 guests, attended this evening’s meeting hosted by Jeremy Tan.  After a round of guest introductions, Jeremy began the evening’s “Out of The Pocket”-themed performance with a cards to pocket effect.

Nique Tan next talked about a powerful mentalism routine he had created, “ChairLess” which had been favourably reviewed by some of mental magic industry’s big names.  He recounted how he had been invited to join the Psychic Association of America as a member.  Way to go, Nique! 

Chew Liang Huat performed an interesting routine with 5 cards each bearing a different shape.

Jeremy Tan made 3 coins disappear from his own hands and amazingly re-appear in Francis Chia’s hands in a coins across effect.

Charles Choo presented a Japanese coin effect similar to Scotch & Soda.  A copper coin with a hole and a borrowed dollar coin were shown placed in a volunteer’s hands and the dollar coin was mysteriously changed to a red poker chip.  Next, he presented a two-deck prediction where a volunteer selected and replaced 3 cards in a deck.  A fourth card, which was mentally selected by the same volunteer, was found to be the missing card in the second deck which was earlier kept in the volunteer‘s pocket.

Vice-President Enrico Varella performed ‘Two Seconds Wonder” where he swiftly cut to four Aces in a deck in a matter of seconds.  He also produced a Three of Spades which exactly matched what Bosco had earlier pictured in his mind.

President John Teo got 3 audience members to select an Ace each, made the only unselected fourth Ace turn face-up, changed the colour of its back, and finally caused all the named Aces to become faceless.  Wow!  Next, he explained how the “Seven Deadly Sins” (described in his President’s Page in April’s TQR) was performed.

Palmudi was next to take centre-stage with 4 random audience members.  He correctly read their minds re. their chosen picture cards and numbers, after earlier sensing if their cards were high or low cards, picture cards or otherwise.

After the break, Jeremy Pei demonstrated how he could stack dice within an uncovered  toilet roll placed within a cup and on top of that, predicted the number on the top face of the stacked dice correctly!  He also demonstrated a prediction with the help of an imaginary casino routine involving a casino chip, 2 cards, 9 bills, a pocket diary and a few randomly selected audience members.  He invited interested members to join his facebook page for information on a new range of magic items that he is carrying for sale.

After an exciting evening of magic, the meeting was adjourned at 10.30 pm and members were invited to check out 3 stalls set up with magic goodies for sale, courtesy of Jeremy Pei, Jeremy Tan and ex-member, Tang Yeng Fun (this stall was in-charged by Kenneth Chia and Gician Tan).

Reported by:

Low Hwee Lang