Phuzed is yet another take on the now classic torn and restored card in the likes of “Reformation” and “Reparation”.


It uses a special gimmick to enable the piece by piece restoration to be very direct and visual.  You need to see the video to have an idea of how this looks from the audience’s point of view.  It also makes the handling so much easier when compared with the other standard methods.  The entire card can be restored with its face towards the audience all the time.


The downsides are: the card cannot be signed, and the torn pieces must be placed out-of-sight for a while.


Because of the gimmick, you cannot perform with people standing behind you.  But this problem is also inherent in other methods since all such torn and restored effects depend on an extra piece of card or other gimmicks.  Therefore, this is not a minus point for Phuzed.


You are supplied with an instructional DVD which shows David Loosley performing and explaining both the torn and restored cards as well as torn and restored scratch card.  It also features Peter Nardi providing additional handlings.  Also supplied are the necessary playing cards and the gimmick.  You need to supply your own matching deck of cards.

(4.5/5 stars rating)